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Patient Testimonials

"Cy-Fair Chiropractic is a professionally run organization. All employees understand what they are to do to insure that a patient's treatment is done correctly and on a planned schedule. I am impressed by the way I am treated by ALL employees, from the "front desk" to the massage therapists. The facility is clean and all equipment is operational. The adjustment phase of one's treatment is conducted by courteous, well trained professional chiropractors. I especially appreciate receiving guidance in maintaining the orthopedic corrections I have received in your basic program."


"It's amazing, the personal attention you receive the moment you walk through the door. I was just my second visit that everybody knew my name! There was never any waiting or "running behind." I kept thinking to myself "is this really a doctor's office?" And then I thought how nice it would be if every doctor's appointment I ever had was just like this. Now I find myself actually sad that I am almost done with treatment."


"I am very grateful that the therapists and doctors at the clinic were able to relieve the excruciating pain in the sciatic area. Everyone was very helpful; sympathetic and careful in their treatment. I appreciate the professional attitudes of everyone."


"I just want to share how great my experience has been from the very moment I called your office. The front desk was very pleasant to talk to and answered all my questions, putting me at ease coming in. The doctor was very thorough and explained to me how adjustments will help my body functions work together as a whole. The adjustment was a scary thing for me but he was very careful and was not rough or abrupt in the technique. Next, I was off to the next department where the therapists were very knowledgeable about all the various procedures and took time to explain how they could help me. They were able to tend to their jobs with multiple patients and give each one attention as if they were the only one. The massage therapists are also phenomenal. This has been a real blessing coming to know you all and get my body back to working the way it was intended."

~ Deni ~

"From owners to employees, this place is conducted with manners and love for people. I never feel like a number. I feel like me."

~ Carmen ~

"When I first came to this office, I felt broken and fragile. My car accident left me feeling overwhelmed, especially since I didn't have medical insurance. The doctors and staff understood my situation and assured me that they were here for me and will work along side me until I felt whole again. So far they have kept their promise. I am always greeted with smiled and a welcoming attitude. Cy-Fair Chiropractic, you are the BEST!"

~ Hannah ~

"I absolutely love this office. The staff is amazing and made me feel warm and welcome. Beautiful facility! Huge! There is so much more than chiropractic services offered here! There is a rehabilitation work-out area, Ionic Foot Detox station (which is so cool) Massages (oh the massages!) and Facials! Fabulous! They also offer a weight loss cleanse, vitamins and supplements, Bio Freeze, Ice Packs, Pillows and so much more! There is also always something to nibble on at their refreshment area with coffee and bottles of water! There are always some pricing specials for their massages and facials, which makes extravagant luxuries affordable for everybody! All of the Doctors are so nice and they explained everything so that I could understand! Thank you so much everyone at Cy-Fair Chiropractic!"

~ Phillis ~