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How Therapeutic Massage Aids Soft Tissue Healing

Written By Cy-Fair HealthCare Associates on May 20, 2019

Woman Receiving Therapeutic MassageWhether you have a sports injury, work injury, or an auto injury, therapeutic massage is a reputable approach to soft tissue healing.

Despite what most people think, therapeutic massage does more for the body than simple relaxation.

Here are some of the ways that therapeutic massage can aid soft tissue healing for sports, work, and auto injuries.

How Does Therapeutic Massage Aid Soft Tissue Healing?

Therapeutic massage uses complex modalities to jumpstart the body’s natural healing function, including its soft tissue healing.

This process involves light, firm massaging to increase blood circulation, soothe muscles, and release tension.

While therapeutic massage can’t cure injuries on its own, it acts as an influential support player in a patient’s overall chiropractic treatment.

What Kind of Therapeutic Massage Techniques Exist?

There is more than one type of therapeutic massage available.

One of the more popular is the deep tissue massage, which consists of working deep with the soft tissues and muscles.

Another therapeutic massage that specifically addresses soft tissue is the Swedish massage. This involves kneading the joints to release tension and stimulate nerve endings in the soft tissue. It also boosts lymph and blood circulation.

Therapeutic Massage Could Help With Your Soft Tissue Healing

Whether you’re experiencing a sports, work, or auto injury, therapeutic massage could be a vital component to your chiropractic treatment.

When used in conjunction with other treatments, therapeutic massage can stimulate your soft tissue’s healing properties to minimize the time in which you’re feeling the effects of your injury.

Therapeutic massage won’t heal your injuries, but it can be an important factor in your healing process.

Are you interested in using therapeutic massage to help treat injuries? Make an appointment with Cy-Fair Healthcare Associates. We’ll do everything we can to help your body help itself.

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