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How Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment Can Help Text Neck

Written By Cy-Fair HealthCare Associates on July 19, 2019

Woman with text neckA common condition with a centuries-old cure.

The wonderful thing about chiropractic care is that it can be used to treat a wide variety of aches and pains, no matter the cause or source. For instance, the concept of “text neck” is relatively new to chiropractic arts but can be treated with well-proven techniques used to combat any type of misalignment or strain of the neck and shoulders.

In today’s world, nearly every adult carries a cellular phone with them – and responds to text messages as quickly as possible. While many of us require regular use of cellular phones for our jobs, this phenomenon requires to hold our necks at an uncomfortable angle for extended periods of time – resulting in pain. If you believe you may have text neck and would like to schedule a consultation in our Houston office, we look forward to meeting with you.

Neck Pain Treatment for Text Neck

There are a number of effective chiropractic techniques to use as neck pain treatments, including any of the following:

  • Routine neck adjustments to properly align the spine

  • Massage therapy

  • Adjustment to the shoulders, arms, or upper back

  • Lifestyle changes

When it comes to lifestyle changes, we recommend our patients take inventory of their screen time patterns and make adjustments accordingly. For instance, text neck can also occur in a desk setting if the screen is positioned too far down – so we recommend lifting the monitor to eye level, or standing to do computer work.

Further, when using a smartphone be sure to hold it as close to eye level as possible to avoid hanging your head too low, as this added weight can overburden tired neck muscles and ligaments. Lastly, be sure to take frequent breaks from screens, which will help not only prevent text neck but will give your brain a much-needed respite from the chatter of social media and the internet.

Getting Help for Your Text Neck

Text neck can be extremely painful and inconvenient - it’s important to take care of the issue quickly. For those in Houston, Cy-Fair Healthcare Associates can assist you with any neck pain treatment that you need.

To get started treating the symptoms of text neck, please contact our office in Houston today: 281-955-9946.

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