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Category: Herniated Disc Treatment

Non-Invasive Disc Pain Treatment In Houston

Written By Cy-Fair HealthCare Associates on December 27, 2021

You may be surprised to learn that millions of Americans suffer from herniated or pinched discs. This condition is becoming increasingly common, no thanks to frequent slouching and poor posture that our lifestyles bring us. The good news, however, is... Read More

Spinal Decompression: Pain Relief for Herniated Discs and Arthritis?

Written By Cy-Fair HealthCare Associates on May 20, 2020

Two of the most debilitating conditions you can experience are herniated discs and arthritis of the spine.  Today, you’ll learn why these conditions cause so much pain. You’ll also learn why your Houston chiropractor recommends spinal decompression therapy to treat them.  Arthritis... Read More

Disc Herniations: Herniated Disc Treatment using Chiropractic

Written By Cy-Fair HealthCare Associates on March 20, 2020

Herniated discs hurt. A lot.  If you’ve ever suffered from a herniated disc, you can testify to how painful it is.  A herniated disc is the medical term for the condition in which one of the protective cushions that sit between the... Read More

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